vodka in the rock

The British really love their Christmas. On Halloween day all of the candy and decorations were removed and replaced with Christmas decorations. Now it’s reaching a fevered pitch and I cannot imagine how it is going to be the week before Christmas. So David came in to see us on Friday. We went to the Absolut Ice Bar at 11:45 pm. It is a bar made entirely out of ice. They give you a really warm cape with gloves and a hood and you go in there and you get a drink made of Absolut Vodka that is served in an ice cube cup. It was cool…ha ha. But really it was fun. The bar is right off of Picadilly Circus and it was mayhem there once midnight hit. The tubes stopped running so the only way we, and thousands of other people, could get home was via taxi. We saw three guys get into a fist fight and a lot of drunk people staggering around before we finally muscled our way into a taxi.

Yesterday we went back to Piccadilly Circus so we could eat at Argyll Arms near the London Palladium and then go to the Apple store. The moment we got out of the tube I thought something was wrong. The streets were blocked off, there were people everywhere. I couldn’t figure out if there was a terrorist threat or a celebrity nearby. But no, it is just that Christmas is just around the corner (apparently). Seriously, there were DJs playing loud Christmas music, people on stilts, huge balloons, people in character suits (like Shrek), people dressed up like elves, etc. It was insane. Because it was the 1st of December and that means that Christmas is practically next week, everyone was out. It was so packed and crazy. Anyway, when we got to the Arms, it too was packed but it was really yummy and a very pretty pub. David owns an iPhone and it too is very pretty and probably the most phenomenal piece of machinery I’ve ever seen. After lunch we went to the Apple store which was big and imposing and, yet again, way too full. We left without buying anything and I had developed a migraine after being around all of the people and all of the chaos. Michael escorted me home where I took some medicine and a nap while the boys went and did what boys do (Guitar Hero 3 specifically I believe).

We all met up again last night and went to Wagamama’s on Leicester Square for dinner before going to see Spamalot. The first half was basically a rehash of The Holy Grail but the second half was quite enjoyable. We had horrid seats but whatever, it’s a West End show. We headed home because we didn’t want to be out in that kind of party environment a second night in a row.

And today I’m not sure what we’re doing…London is rainy and dismal as usual. This time next week I’ll be on a plane heading to Dallas and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know that I feel quite closed in and claustrophobic now that the Christmas rush has maddened everyone here. Seriously, their eyes loll up into their head and their tongues hang out a bit as they batter you with their massive shopping bags. It’s worse than Mad Cow disease. I’m excited about driving in a car rather than being packed into a tin can to get from place to place. I am looking forward to not spending $20+ for every meal, even cheap ones. I am especially looking forward to sleeping without being woken up by drunkards on the street below me who feel like 4 am is a great time to start a chorus line. Don’t get me wrong, I love London and I’m going to miss it horribly, but I feel like it’s about time to head home.

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  1. I think it’s about time for you to head home as well . . . 5 days, 21 hours, and 11 minutes . . . .

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